Going flavor crazy…

Grab a gorgeous jar, a bottle of Purus Vodka, fresh fruit and start infusing!

It’s official. The entire world has gone flavor crazy when it comes to vodka.

Not that we don’t understand why, (actually, there are a few we really don’t understand – do you want your vodka to taste like a sandwich?) but we use the philosophy that if you want flavored vodka, you start with a great vodka and find the freshest ingredients you can to create the flavor. Which is why we are constantly creating “Infusions at their Purus.”

Infusions are an incredibly simple way to create delicious vodka flavors, and the best thing

Photo courtesy: KitchenKonfidence.com

about it? Your flavor choices are basically infinite! You like bacon? There’s an infusion for that. How about Cucumber Dill Vodka? There’s an infusion for that. And who doesn’t love a little something sweet? Swedish Fish and Jolly Rancher infusions come to the rescue.

Here’s one of our favorite Purus Vodka Infusion recipes that never fails! We bring it to summer parties, fairs, festivals and good old fashioned backyard BBQ’s. The subtle sweetness of the fresh melon and refreshing mint make this the perfect libation for springtime brunches or beating the summer heat.

Multi-Melon Mint Infusion
3-Gallon Glass or Acrylic Container (with airtight lid) with spigot
6 bottles of Purus Organic Wheat Vodka
2 medium cantaloupe, cut into 2″ cubes
1 large seedless watermelon, cut into 2″ cubes
Handful of fresh mint leaves

Add cantaloupe, watermelon and mint to clean container. Pour Purus Vodka over the fruit, ensuring that the fruit is submerged.* Seal the container with an airtight lid and set on aside in cool place for a minimum of 72 hours.

Once the infusion has steeped, the infusion is ready for your martini creations! We suggest shaking a couple of ounces over ice, pouring into a chilled martini glass, and topping with a splash of something deliciously fizzy (club soda, lemon-lime soda, or make it luxurious with champagne!) Enjoy!

*Some of the fruit pieces may float – that’s okay!

Peppered Purus
Glass or Acrylic Container (with airtight lid) with spigot
1 bottle of Purus Organic Wheat Vodka
3 – 6 fresh peppers (Jalapeno or Serrano are recommended)
A sharp paring knife
A cutting board
Rubber gloves
A small strainer or colander

Put on rubber gloves*, and use a sharp paring knife to slice each pepper in half. Then, remove the seeds and discard. When the peppers have been cleaned cut them into 1/2 in. strips. Add the pepper strips the infusion jar. Add the Purus Vodka. Seal the jar with an airtight lid and allow the mixture to steep for a minimum of 72 hours in a cool place. Check the mixture’s intensity after 48 hours. You can allow the mixture to steep for more than 72 hours, but we suggest checking it daily until the desired pepper flavor is reached. If you let the mixture steep too long and it becomes too spicy, simply add a little more vodka.
Storing your Peppered Purus
Once you’ve infused your Purus Vodka you’ll need to prepare it for storage. Strain the infused vodka back into a clean, bottle (preferably, the original bottle which has been cleaned) leaving the pepper strips behind. The pepper strips can be discarded.
Keep your Peppered Purus in the refrigerator to preserve the pepper flavor for a longer period of time than storing it at room temperature.

Serve your Peppered Purus in a Sweet Fire Martini, or the perfect Bloody Mary!

*As you’re working, take care not to touch anything other than your knife and cutting board. The invisible oil that accumulates on your gloves easily transfers to anything you touch, transferring heat right along with it. Your vodka won’t be the only thing infused with peppers! Be particularly careful not to touch your face or eyes during this process.

We’d love to see the flavor-infusions you’ve come up with. Post your comments and photos!

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