DIY: Water Globes

Re-use your empty PURUS Vodka bottles to water your thirsty plants!

In a word, the weather has been, hot! With record heat in most of the country, and temperature records being broken daily, it’s no surprise that the last thing you want to do is stand in the heat and water your plants. Not to mention the tremendous amount of water used to keep your thirsty plants hydrated.

As a company that firmly believes in eco-friendly products, practices and sustainability, we looked to our own PURUS Vodka bottle for a project
that would recycle your empty bottles, keep your potted plants happy, and conserve water!

Why Should You Make These Water Globes?

  • Recycles your empty PURUS bottles and it’s free!
  • Holds 750mL of water.
  • PURUS bottles are easy to refill.
  • Works for both potted or land-based gardens.

How to use a PURUS Bottle “Water Globe”:

1. Prepare your PURUS bottle, by emptying it of all vodka. Rinse the bottle thoroughly and remove any labels. Fill the PURUS bottle 3/4 of the way with fresh water.
* Because PURUS Vodka bottle labels are tree-free, printed with soy-based inks and adhered with water-based adhesives, keeping labels on the bottles will not harm your plants!

2. Prepare your plants, by first watering them thoroughly. As the soil dries, the bottle will release the necessary water into the soil.

3. On the outside edge of your garden pot, push the open end of the bottle into the soil, so that at least 4″-5″ of the bottle neck is submerged in the soil. Careful to avoid the roots of your plant!

This PURUS bottle water globe is perfect for potted plants that need constant watering, or watering plants while you’re away on vacation. Either way, it’s definitely “Re-Purpose at its PURUS!”